Collaborative Tools Are an Effective Method of Communication for Small Businesses



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Cardiff (PRLEAK) October 23, 2009 – The postal service isn't the perfect medium of communication for small businesses looking to keep in touch with their clients. This is evident from the current Royal Mail strike across the UK due to a dispute between the Royal Mail management and Communication Workers Union (CWU). According to Constructaquote.com, this is the ideal moment for small businesses to re-think communication strategies with the customers and clients.

A number of firms still rely on traditional methods of communication like the Royal Mail, which can be counterproductive especially during strikes. Companies need to re-evaluate their current strategies and look for alternatives such as emails, SMS, and other online platforms as permanent solution to their communication plans. Moreover, emails are a well documented form of communication, a fact that companies need to pay heed to, which could well become their primary mode of communication.

According to Sian Pryce, Managing Director of Constructaquote.com, emails are cost-effective and the fastest way to reach out to customers across the globe. Moreover, it is the most eco-friendly form of communication. Whether it is contract agreements, policy documents, or plain newsletters, emails are a convenient way of communication.

One of the latest online collaborative tools is Google Wave, which is ideal for real-time collaboration. This tool can be used to share documents, photos, maps, videos, that can be worked on together. Clients can share important files, assign tasks, and even integrate projects and project updates with collaborative tools like Google Wave. They can prove to be a resourceful tool for thousands of companies across the UK.

Another effective method of communication and a potent marketing strategy are SMS text messages. The popularity of this method has increased over the years and is an effective way of distributing notices, sending updates, and conducting feedback surveys.

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