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London (PRLEAK) September 27, 2009 According to hotel specialists Hotels4u.com, the economic crisis has forced travelers to tighten up their budget this year and seek affordable options closer to home. With the Euro gaining strength and a number of cheap hotels on offer, holidaymakers are looking at Turkey and Egypt as alternatives to their favorite European destinations. With the objective of saving money high on everyones agenda, these countries are a viable substitute for a great vacation.

Turkey seems to be a favorite amongst travelers for varied reasons. Ideally situated just outside the Eurozone, Turkeys climatic conditions favor those who seek some summer or winter sun without having to travel outside Europe. With a number of incredible deals on offer, this city becomes the automatic choice for budget travelers. The country ranks fourth in Thomas Cook\'s Holiday Cost of Living survey where the average price for a three course meal including beer and coffee was only 33 as compared to 49 in the UK.

The main influencing factor behind Turkey becoming a preferred destination is the current exchange of 2.4 Liras to the Pound. This gives holidaymakers more spending power as compared to other neighboring European countries. Moreover, with a plethora of cheap accommodation options available in the country, this becomes an added bonus for holidaymakers. October 2009 will see all-inclusive rates for hotels in Turkey dropping to as low as 10 per person per night.

Steven Moore, Head of eCommerce at Hotels4u.com seconds the opinion that Turkeys strategic location just outside the Eurozone makes it the ideal destination for those who dont want to travel far for some winter or summer sun. In addition, hotels and other accommodation options are available at an incredibly low rate.
The Land of the Pharaohs is at number five in the Thomas Cook Holiday Cost of Living survey. The same three course meal with beer and coffee averaged 34. Cheap deals and discount holiday packages are in abundance in Egypt, which once again leaves tourists with more pocket money. On an average, the cost of a seven-night all-inclusive package this October works out to merely 18 per person per night.

Steven Moore added that trends indicate an increase in the number of special offers in Egypt, giving tourists the chance to enjoy quality accommodation at affordable prices that were much less than expected. Prices drop even further to 9 per person per night this October for bed and breakfast options. However, Steven was of the opinion that opting for all-inclusive package deals would help cut costs even further. For the latest hotel deals in Turkey and Egypt visit www.hotels4u.com.

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