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By: John Cleese
For : Practicing Perfection Institute-Europe, Inc.

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Swanzey, NH (PRLEAK) September 21, 2010 – CEO of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI), Tim Autrey recently announced the opening of the company's branch in Europe in affiliation with Practicing Perfection Institute- Europe, Inc. After tasting success in the US, Autrey is confident of repeating the feat in Europe. PPI has worked with major organizations to imbibe a strong safety culture amongst employees. Over 10,000 workers have benefited from the program in the US. According to Autrey, the approach will available for all companies operating in Europe.

Among PPI's successful programs on human error reduction is a large electrical transmission organization in the northeastern USA, where human error levels were reduced by 72% over a 14-month period in 2005. Most importantly, the level continues to drop over the years. According to Autrey, company's can only achieve sustainability by changing the safety culture within the organization. This can be easily achieved with PPI's Practicing Perfection® approach that targets behavioral patterns in workers in order to have a positive influence on their attitudes. As a result, a change in behavior enables a change organizational culture, a stepping stone to an organization's success.

Twenty-seven leaders attended two pilot Leadership Training sessions conducted by PPI in Antwerp, Belgium with outstanding results. Among the successful participants was Stefan Bekers of Kaneka who was happy that they training inspired him to change to approach on human errors. Linda Janssens from Phillips was another participant who pointed out the fact that the focus has shifted from IQ and technical know-how to EQ and the human factor as a tool to improve an organization's safety standards, success, and most importantly, the life of each employee. Joris Blommaert of CSM was impressed with the examples and metaphors used during the training and promised that his company would implement the approach.

CEO Tim Autrey will be conducting the first Human two-day Performance (HU) Academy in Antwerp, Belgium on 15-16 November. The course has been designed for leaders of every organization and performance improvement specialists and includes lesson on the Practicing Perfection® approach to human error reduction. In addition, the European Certification Program in Antwerp, Belgium will be conducted during the week of 22nd November where participants will learn how to implement the Practicing Perfection® approach to human error reduction. Participants will be provided with all the necessary tools. More details are available at www.practicingperfectioneurope.com. In Europe, you can contact Dierik Rotsaert on TEL: 00/32/15/41.25.63. US participants may contact Lauren Paré on TEL: +1 603-283-6078 or visit www.practicingperfectioninstitute.com for further details.

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