Leader of Black Alliance Sends Eye Opener to President Obama Through NYT Ad



By: John Cleese
For : Black Alliance for Educational Options

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Washington, DC (PRLEAK) October 2, 2010 – Education leaders across the nation demand a reversal on President Obama's opposition to publicly funded school vouchers in order to enable children from lower income groups to access equal and quality education opportunities. Board Chair of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), Kevin P. Chavous, voiced in opinion in an open letter to the President in a full-page advertisement in the weekend edition of the New York times. The letter highlights the differences between what the President recently said and the Administration's actions regarding school choice.

Earlier, on NBC's Today Show on September 27, President Obama told the audience that he preferred that disadvantaged families be given the same opportunities to give their children quality education. However, earlier in the year, the Administration took steps to discontinue the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program that provides children from low income groups vouchers to move from failing schools to better ones. The main reason behind Chavous putting up the advertisement on behalf of Black families and educators nationwide, was to highlight the contradictions to the President's statement.

The open letter highlights the fact that the President attended the most elite private school in Hawaii on a privately funded scholarship, a privilege that they passed on to their children. The letter also appeals to the President to advocate for government-funded opportunity scholarships throughout the nation in view of the dearth of private scholarships available to low-income families. In his open letter, Chavous speaks on behalf of the Black Alliance for Educational Options and appeals to the President for full reauthorization of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which will be a great boost for low-income families through the USA.

While applauding the President's efforts at education reform, Chavous openly asks the President to revise his stance on parental choice since parents cannot just simply wait in hope. Moreover, they must be given the opportunity to choose a high-quality school regardless of their income. Over 200,000 children throughout the USA participate in 20 private school choice programs in 12 states and the District of Columbia. However, Chavous reiterates that fact that there is space for over one million additional children that can be added to the program. For more details log on to www.RevolutionInEducation.org

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