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Tampa, FL (PRLEAK) October 3, 2010 – One of the leading institutes in online continuing education and training for post-acute healthcare providers, Care2Learn, Inc. is to host a free webinar on October 14th from 1 to 3 pm. The free webinar titled, “A Team Approach with Residents and Family,” provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals that work in a long-term care environment to develop an understanding of the challenges including legal, professional, and personal obligations faced by long term care facilities. These professionals have to deal with issues such as ongoing care and end-of-life issues of residents.

The webinar is to be presented by Mary Blanchett, LNHA. Included in the training are discussions on critical topics such as the involvement of residents and families, and federal regulations that require nursing homes to engage residents and their families into the team. The webinar will also reveal strategies on how healthcare professionals can succeed in increasing resident and family participation.

According to Ryan Sparks, Vice President of Content and General Manager, Care2Learn, one of the important aspects that the webinar will lay emphasis on is the ways and means through which the participation of residents and their spouses, families, and guardians can enhance the quality of a resident's life. Moreover, with effect from October 1st, 2010, it is mandatory for residents and their families to get involved, as per federal policy changes to MDS 3.0. Mr. Sparks believes that the topic is important enough and has far-reaching effects, which are good reasons for healthcare professionals to join in the webinar. The webinar includes live continuing education credits, therefore, those who want to receive credits must contact a Care2Learn Educational Advisor at 866-733-0728.

Since its inception in 2000, Care2Learn is a leading provider of online education solutions focused on the post-acute healthcare market. Among their clients are nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, and more. Over 2, 700 accredited course hours have been delivered to over 320,000 healthcare professionals all over the USA through the Care2Learn course library. For detailed information on the webinar, can call 1-866-703-9418 or visit www.Care2Learn.com. The company also offers customized online eLearning universities to companies looking for training and education solutions for their staff.

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